Project 4

Kalinin DC will become the basis for the development of the IT infrastructure of the Chestny Znak national track & trace digital system. This will make it possible to implement strategic state programs, protect honest businessmen from distorted competition with illegal market participants, create comfortable conditions for business development in Russia.

The system operator, Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT), placed it in the Kalinin DC. This work is carried out in the framework of decisions regarding the creation in Russia of a unified system for marking and tracing goods for the illicit production of industrial products, adopted in 2017.

Kalinin DC is characterized by an unprecedented level of ensuring physical and information security according to the standards of the nuclear industry, which meets the requirements for the security level of critical state information systems. Unlike other data centers, the Kalinin DC provides uninterrupted power supply directly from the Kalinin NPP, which brings infrastructure reliability to a new level.

As part of the project, which operates the data center service (CONSYST JSC), computer facilities, an access control system and a video surveillance system were deployed for the central distribution control center. To increase the level of support for the system, it was organized the placement of the duty shift of engineers of the central distribution control center in the Kalinin DC.
It is planned that the labeling of goods will become continuous by 2024: the CRPT will launch in Russia a unified system for tracking the life cycle of goods - from the production of goods to their sale to consumers - and integrates it with the supranational system in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Kalinin DC is the first in the network of data centers. The total capacity - 80 MW.




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Kalinin DC will become the basis for the development of the IT infrastructure of the Chestny Znak national track &...
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